Getting Rid of Stubborn Fat with Fat Freezing

Most people who try to lose weight encounter one common obstacle: stubborn fat. You may have tried every quick fix (or trick) you can find to get rid of your stubborn fat but have not yielded any significant results. Dropping stubborn fat can be even harder than weight loss in general.

Fat freezing treatment might be of interest to you if you have been searching for answers to “how to lose stubborn fat”.

Nowadays, few people have time for lengthy recovery periods following surgery. Between our work, home, and social lives we’re busier than ever. Let’s face it, we barely have time for a quick yoga class at the gym, much less have the luxury of free time for days or weeks on end. Therefore, non-invasive fat removal treatments such as fat freezing are becoming a popular procedure for clients who want body contouring without invasive procedures.

Benefits of Fat Freezing


In the past, invasive procedures such as liposuction were the only option available for removing fat. Non-invasive technologies such as fat freezing, which have been introduced in Singapore are becoming increasingly popular because it is non-invasive and does not require patients to undergo surgery.

No Downtime Required

Fat freezing in Singapore procedures is relatively short and takes no longer than 60 minutes for one localized area. Patients can resume their normal activities immediately following the procedure with no downtime required.

Targeted Fat Removal

Fat freezing treatment can effectively target stubborn fat deposits that are resistant to any diet or exercise. With CoolSculpting treatment in Singapore, its wide range of interchangeable applicators is also able to cater to different sizes and volumes of fat deposits.

How Does Fat Freezing by CoolSculpting® Work?

FDA-approved CoolSculpting® is a non-invasive fat-reduction treatment that targets and eliminates fat deposits using Cryolipolysis in Singapore. CoolSculpting® is also the only treatment that is approved by the US FDA for non-invasive fat removal using Cryolipolysis treatment. In a single treatment, CoolSculpting® can remove 20 to 27%* of fat by delivering controlled cooling to fat cells beneath the skin.

First, vacuum applicators are placed over the targeted area. This is to ensure that only the fat cells in the targeted area are treated. By using vacuum pressure to pull tissue through the cooling panels, these applicators target fat cells at temperatures as low as -13°C using patented cooling technology.

Upon being exposed to these temperatures, fat cells in the targeted areas go through apoptosis (cell death) and are eventually eliminated from the body within 3 months. Post-treatment, fat layers beneath the skin surface are significantly reduced, resulting in a more proportionate physique.

Will Fat Freezing Help You Lose Weight?

Despite popular belief, Ensoul CoolSculpting is a solely fat-loss treatment, not one that helps patients lose weight. The procedure works by removing fat cells that are accumulated in areas of the skin where they have accumulated significantly. In other words, it reduces the number rather than the size of fat cells in the body. To find out more about Ensoul fat freezing you can visit Ensoul Body Sculpting at

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