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A Complete Guide to Applying for KITAS

KITAS is an abbreviation for Kartu Izin Tinggal Terbatas (Limited Stay Permit Card). It is a document issued by the Indonesian government to foreigners who wish to stay in Indonesia for a certain period of time. KITAS has different types, depending on

Health Lifestyle

Different Types of Acne Scar and Treatment?

Most people still deal with the long-term outcomes of pimples even after puberty becomes a thing of the past for them. Your overall look and self-belief can be diminished by scars from acne and other sources. Currently, there is a myriad of

Health Lifestyle

Getting Rid of Stubborn Fat with Fat Freezing

Most people who try to lose weight encounter one common obstacle: stubborn fat. You may have tried every quick fix (or trick) you can find to get rid of your stubborn fat but have not yielded any significant results. Dropping

Health Lifestyle

9 Reasons Why Your Acne Treatment is Not Working

Acne is a common skin disease, more commonly seen during puberty and adolescence. In Singapore, 88% of teenagers suffer from acne, and at least half of them suffer from moderate to severe acne. Although acne is more prevalent among teens,