Avoid These 4 Common Mistakes Before Making a Pre-Inked and Self-Inking Rubber Stamp

From signature stamp to the company stamp, pre-inked and self-inking rubber stamp can be created for a variety of purposes. Most people are probably familiar with these items, but do you know what makes the two stamps different? A pre-inked stamp uses oil-based inks and has a reservoir behind it. This stamp is perfect for those who want to produce a very sharp and crisp top quality impression. But a self-inking stamp uses water-based inks, and its pad re-inks every time an impression is created. This type is the best choice for stamping large quantities.  

If you are interested in having a stamp, whether you will make a pre-inked or self-inking rubber stamp, there are some common mistakes that you should avoid! Here are the lists of that! 

1. Avoid Typographical Error 

Do not hand information to the stamp maker until you have carefully checked typos on all of the information. Especially if there any numerical information. The consequence can vary depending on the mistake and the stamp. For instance, if you create a company stamp and there is a typographical error in the registration number, it may not be used. So, you have to create another stamp for replacing the last one. 

2. Wrong Shape 

Deciding whether you want to create a pre-inked stamp or a self-inking stamp won’t be enough. You have to know the exact shape that will be perfect for your sticker. Sometimes, people don’t care about the shape of their stickers early in the process of making it, but once it is done, they realize that the shape doesn’t fit well with the stamp. Because of that, you can make a rough sketch before deciding the best shape for your sticker. Then, identify which shape that that will be perfect for it! The most popular shapes for the stamps are round and rectangular. 

3. Wrong Size 

Be careful to make the stamp too small or maybe too large. Both of choice is not good for your stamp. To get a perfect size, you can draw a specific size on a paper first to see if that size will be perfect for your stamp or not! Also, find out what types of documents will be signed by using the stamp. By knowing the types of the document will help you determine the right size for your stamp. 

4. Unprofessional Stamp Maker 

Normally, people want to get the maximum result with the minimum resource. That phenomenon also occurs when they try to find the stamp maker to help them get the stamp. Usually, people only focus on finding the cheapest stamp maker without considering anything else, but they have high expectations for it. In the end, people are often dissatisfied with the results So, find a specialist and trusted stamp maker such as Singapore rubber stamp to get a great stamp. Don’t worry about the price, since they offer it at an affordable price! 

Sarah Kim

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