Social Media Marketing: Three Things a Business Should Know Before Starting It!

The number of social media users has grown continuously. That is why, today, there are 3.96 billion social media users in the world. That is incredible, right? Especially from the perspective of business.

Social media is a great place where a business can generate more leads or even conversions. And one thing that is the same, many businesses think and know that social media is a huge opportunity to be seized now. Therefore, more and more businesses today are starting to market their brand on social media for various reasons and goals compared to printing flyers or marketing brochures.  

So, what about you? Are you thinking of starting to market your product or service on social media?

If you have thought about social media marketing for your business or have the intention for it, then you have come to the right article. Here, we are going to share and discuss some of the things that you should know before starting social media marketing. So, let’s get started!

3 Things About Social Media Marketing That You Should Know Before Starting It!

Here are several things that we want to share with you before you begin to market your business on social media.

1. Social Media Marketing, Its Pros and Cons

Everything has 2 sides, the good and the bad one. That is why, before you start marketing your brand on social media, you need to know the pros and cons of it. So, here are a few pros and cons of social media marketing!

Pros of Social Media Marketing

  • As we mentioned earlier, the number of social media users is around 3.96 billion people now. And the good thing, this number is still growing! That is why, by marketing your business on social media, you can have the opportunity to meet and reach more audiences.
  • It is more affordable! Yes, compared to conventional marketing, social media marketing is much more affordable! Also, the cost to create digital content is affordable! That is why it is chosen as a budget-friendly alternative, especially for small businesses.
  • You have the opportunity to target a very specific audience compared to conventional marketing. Usually, you can target the audience based on their gender, age, location, interests, and more!
  • And more.

Cons of Social Media Marketing

  • Social media marketing is time-consuming. There are lots of activities that will spend lots of your time.
  • The digital content we created is easier to be copied or duplicated by others.
  • To constantly engage and attract more audiences, there is a need to always come up with new ideas or something different.
  • Not everyone will have a positive response about your business on social media. Because of that, there will always be a risk of getting negative comments or feedback that can usually be seen by all of your followers or potential customers. This situation can benefit your business if you can handle it well. But, if you cannot, then it may be bad for your business.
  • And more.

Georgia Shaw

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